Automated Root Cause Analysis for Serverless

Find and fix the root cause of serverless production issues in your sleep 😴

Don't Miss The Forest For The Trees

Faasly helpds developers focus on writing code and business logic
without having to worry about infrastructure issues

Pre-analyzed log data

You may not have billions of log lines, but you probably have a lot more than you think. Patterns are extracted from your log files and are used to auto-generate alerts.

Flagging of anomalous events

Anomalies are detected automatically and flagged to help drive remediation and prevent issues or threats from going unnoticed.

Auto-remediation of resources

Automatically resolve config or resource-related issues without developer intervention.

A Video is Worth a 1.8 Million Words

Infra Health

Instant visibility into functions health for high level triaging

Request Tracing

Visualize transactions between services to analyze performance

Services Catalog

The simplest way to navigate and operate your microservices

FinOps Automation

Automated cloud cost optimization for production workloads

Alert Policies

Get notified of incidents immediately and resolve faster

CloudWatch Logs

Visualize CloudWatch logs in a much better way

Manage Serverless Across Clouds

Currently we support AWS Lambda. Soon we will release support for more AWS serverless services followed by Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Alibaba Cloud.

Google Cloud
MS Azure
Ali Cloud

First 1M Invocations Free, Upgrade Later

Our pricing starts at $29/mo for upto 10M invocations a month.
Get in touch if your usage is more than 10 million invocations.

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